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            • 1992 Developed the tripod universal joint and cardan (hookes)universal joint
            • 1995 Produced ball cage CVJ and reciprocating CVJ
            • 1997 Started the Production of driving shaft assembly
            • 1999 Passed the Quality Certification ISO9002 of BestCERT, Ltd.
            • 2000 Awarded ¡°Excellent Supplier¡± by Jilin light vehicle factory, China Faw Group Corporation
            • 2000 Entered U.S.A and Canada market.
            • 2001 Entered Germany, Italy and Spain market
            • 2002 Imported the new equipment from abroad; the annual capacity of production was increased to 2 million sets CVJ
            • 2003 Registered ¡°LEE¡± brand
            • 2004 Moved to the new plant in Auto&Motor Parts Ind Zone Yuhuan.
            • 2004 The product model over 2000, the annual capacity of production was increased to 5 million sets CVJ.
            • 2005 Passed the Quality Certification ISO9001:2000
            • 2006 Awarded ¡°The Enterprise of National Auto Parts Export Base¡± by ministry of commerce of the people¡¯s republic of china.
            • 2006 Started the production in Pinghu new plant
            • May,2007 Passed the Quality Certification of LRQA ISO/TS16946.
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